Go With Age-Appropriate Toys For Better Development Of Your Child

With an increase of parent’s requiring their children to learn beyond their age, the Educational Toy industry is flourishing. Parents are now often starting education before their infant is crawling and uttering a single word. It is critical to get your child a toy that can provide both fun experiences and encourage learning also. But don’t make the mistake of thinking age-appropriate toys are basic or inadequate to help your child development. Not all toys are built equal.  You will find toys available in any of the  best online toy stores 

that help in boosting brain development and creating a good learner. It is said that real educational toys are not expensive gadgets with big promises, but a bunch of essential things for sake of creative thinkers.


Choose Age-Appropriate Toys

Kids enjoy those toys that they can handle in their own ways and which are perfect for their age and stage development. Here are some suggestions from the providers of toy shops in Brisbane for the types of toys beneficial for the kids in different stages of development:

  • 0-6 months- The toys with sounds, movement, and visuals attract the infants most. In this stage, they start to discover their own body parts like working on eye-hand coordination with various movements like grasping and reaching out the things. Age-appropriate toys for this staged babies include rattles, busy boxes and other toys they can grasp, pull, shake, kick or squeeze.
  • 6-8 months- Toddlers with this age range acquire the ability to hold the small objects. They start to learn the things and their cause-effects; likewise, they get a tendency to repeat the activities again and again in order to master them. Their activities include transferring things here and there, hand to hand, and into and out. For them, the toys used in their early stage are reintroduced in the new ways.
  • 8-18 months- The children belong to this age range can set a goal, foresee outcomes, and form an ability within them to take some action deliberately. They start to experiment with shape, size, and space of the objects. The toys for this age range include blocks, shape sorters, ring on poles, simple take apart toys, and push-pull toys.
  • 18-24 months- At this age, children love to enjoy role-playing or ‘Pretend’. That’s why it is high time to introduce some pretend playing toys like kitchen sets, dolls, toy trucks, cars, and so on.
  • 2-4 years- It’s a pre-school period that highly demands socializing; pretend play and other role-playing games help a lot to promote social development in the kids. Miniature houses like dollhouses, farmhouses can develop creativity in the kids whereas it can help to enhance motor and gross skills.



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