A cute wooden block police car. Made with good quality wood. Paint used are non toxic. This is a great push toy. Kids will have hours of fun playing with it. Playing with toys like this helps with fine motor...
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Fire Station Blocks
These wooden blocks are great for building strengths in children's fingers. Helps children recognize different shapes and with creativity. Improves hand and eye co ordinations. Materials Well finished wooden blocks. Paint used are non toxic. Dimensions Fire engine size 6...
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DIY Forklift & Excavator
This pack comes complete with parts and tools to build both the forklift and excavator. What a great way to teach kids basic skills. The end result is fantastic. Easy to assemble. Helps with fine motor skills. Material Paint used...
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Our new and improved Noah's Ark playset is one of a kind. Kids get the opportunity to bring this classic story into real life as they stack their animals inside of Noah's Ark. On the side of the boat there...
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Helicopter & Carrier
A transporter that carries helicopters. A must have…. A little boys dream a truck driver or a pilot. Each set comes complete with 2 helicopters. Pretend play is so important for early development. Playtime can be filled with fun and...
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Green Tractor With Animal
A beautifully made wooden tractor carrying farm animals. A clean finish. This product moves smoothly and is convenient to carry around. A great little push along toy with a solid, non toxic paint job. Dimensions Tractor size 24.5cmLx 7.5cmWx10.5cmH, Horse...
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Container Loader
Every little boy's dream is drive a big truck, why not this container truck. It comes complete with two containers with magnets and a magnetic crane which can load and unload the containers with ease. House of fun and improve...
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Circus Safari Jeep
A bright and vibrant wooden Safari Jeep. Comes complete with circus animals and animal shaped windows. The animals can be push through the shape sorting bus. Promotes problem solving and co ordination skills. It is beautifully box so it is...
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